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Due to the cruel & corrupt Public servants, our Honorable Courts are suffocated with billions of cases & unresolved Grievances. The main reason is these Public Servants don't have any reverence for the Sacred Indian Constitution & the Laws of India, many of them holding vital posts cannot even Interpret the Sacred Indian Constitution & the Laws of India, they have only abused their wide powers to enrich themselves, their family members & relatives, no wonder all the grievances that can & should be resolved by these Public Servants are not redressed, because of Corruption , Violations & Grave Malpractices.                                                               Eventually the aggrieved Victims then petition & burden the Honorable Courts, resulting in enormous delays & sufferings . 

There is a deliberate attempt by these cruel and corrupt public servants to Sabotage the Progress of INDIA and the sincere and Noble Intentions of G.O.I.'s desperate and repeated initiatives for a DIGITAL INDIA ; The public finds it very difficult for even a response from any of the public servants’ official E mail ID's despite best and repeated efforts, both to their official phones and their official E mail ID's. Our nearly 3 decades long experience in dealing with various Govt. Dept.'s established 1 very important fact, i.e. There is no accountability or responsibility because there is no control , monitoring or Supervision, which emboldens the callous, cruel and corrupt Public servant to brazenly & blatantly continue with the Violations in order to force and compel the aggrieved Victims to meet the relevant Public servant which results in Extortion and other avoidable continuing Expenses, Losses  and sufferings, whereas the Public servant continues to earn Gross Salaries, Increments, Promotions, Pensions, etc…. further burdening the NATION.

State Machinery is for the Common Good, Transparency, Good Governance, for a Peaceful, Healthy and Prosperous Society, State and Nation;  Instead the rouges in the system are Hell - bent on manipulating and distorting the system  for pecuniary gains /vested interests, thereby resulting in near death of our Democracy and our NATION

Therefore all these inaction / malpractices / Violations, calls for ruthless action against these  cruel and corrupt public servants with their Dismissals ; Penalty and suspensions of their Seniors for failure in monitoring , controlling , Supervising the Departments / Divisions / Sections.

Therefore it is very urgent for our Nation, that for every inaction/ negligence/ violation / sabotaging  sacred Constitutional  duty by the Public servant , 3 years Gross salaries of the violator to be deducted and appropriated towards the P.M./C.M. Relief Fund/ Legal Aid Fund.  And for the next inaction/ negligence/ violation the public servant should be dismissed, because there are enough and more educated  and  deserving candidates who sincerely wishes to serve our NATION.  .........  RESULTING IN  VERY EFFECTIVE , EXPEDITIOUS AND DETERRENT  SOLUTION  TO COMBAT CORRUPTION AND UNEMPLOYMENT ; DIGITAL INDIA  FOR EFFECTIVE, EXPEDITIOUS  IMPLEMENTATION OF ALL THE RULES, REGULATIONS AND LAWS IN LETTER AND SPIRIT  AND TO SAVE PRECIOUS NATIONAL WEALTH     ……………….  JAI  HIND ……….. SATYAMEV  JAYATE


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Jay S

Truly explained. This is a terrible situation. Thanks for posting this.