The Heart of your House

Every great business has a clearly articulated business model and strategic plan. That’s all about the design and focus of the business. But so few people have taken the time to design their own lives. If you don’t know where you are going, then how will you know when you get there? And how can you hit a target you can’t even see?  

In the hotel industry, there’s a name for all the stuff that goes on behind the scenes that guests don’t see. All the things that need to unfold in accounting, in housekeeping, in the kitchen and in the laundry that are mission-critical yet not public. All those activities are called “the heart of the house.” When “the heart of the house” is in superb order and operating with near-flawless execution, the same will hold true for the external guest experience.  

Here is the big idea for you: To get to your best life, I suggest you ensure the heart of your house is nice and tidy. Do you have a “business model” for your life? Do you have a strategic plan for your dreams? Have you recorded your most closely cherished values and your life’s most important priorities on a piece of paper, which you then review every morning to keep you locked onto what’s most important? 

These are all aspects of “the heart of the house,” your internal operations process that will direct and govern your external results.  Sure it takes time to do this inner work. And sure we all have a ton of urgent things we need to do right now. But there’s no point in being busy if you’re busy doing the wrong things.  


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