Innovate Where You Are

To get to world class, it is absolutely essential to become an excellent innovator. Relentlessly making things better and passionately discovering new ways to add value, work smarter and move faster are core creative traits that the best in business live by. 

And to be astonishingly creative and generate those big ideas that catapult you to your highest level, you don’t need to go walking in the woods or find some sanctuary. Some of the best insights come from innovating and thinking outside of the box at the very place where you now stand. 

As Torn Kelley, president of the Silicon Valley-based design firm IDEO, observed, "Brainstorming at ski lodges and beach resorts can be counterproductive. Do you want your team members to think that creativity and inspiration can only happen at high altitudes or within walking distance from an ocean? Don’t get me Wrong: Off-sites are fine. But remember, you want the buzz of creativity to blow through your offices as regularly as a breeze at the beach.” So perfectly said.  

Just start thinking and increase your awareness - innovations will start happening instantly. 


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