Be A Cool Brand

You are a brand. No matter what you think, when people hear your name, they conjure up some association. When people see you, an emotional response gets evoked. Like it or not, you (and your reputation) truly are a brand. 

So I gently suggest that you manage it well. Actually, what I really want to challenge you to do is to take the steps you need to take to become a cool brand. One that shouts “cutting edge,” “with it,” “original” and “revolutionary”. Cool brands that immediately come to mind for me include Apple, Virgin, Louis Vuitton and Prada. They are fresh and hip and stylish. They get it. And they stand out in a world that loves conformity. They make me go “wow.” You could do the same—for yourself.  

What would it take for you to become a cool brand? So that When people think of you, words like 'innovative' or 'world class' or 'unique' infuse their minds. What would it take for you to become  the Steve Jobs of your team or Sir Richard Branson of your work-  place or the Mari Prada of your division? 

How could you become smashingly great at what you do and who you are that everyone around you adores everything about you? Something to consider. Something to act on.  


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Mohammad Asif Ali Khan

nice post

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