Heal Your Life

However ill you feel, whatever psychological problems you face, you can still be in control of your own healing. 

If you have a physical condition, find out all you can about it and don't expect the doctor to 'sort everything for you.' Take the prescribed medicine but also investigate the alternative approaches.  

Look at your lifestyle and nutrition: 'Do they support good health?’ 'Are your relationships supportive or stressful? ‘Do you love your work or is it winding you up?' 

Look beyond a single symptom; look at the whole picture of your life and take charge of your own healing. Allow yourself a whole day to enjoy a health farm extravaganza in the privacy of your own home.  

Planning is important so decide beforehand exactly how you will spend your day. Buy any beauty items or toiletries that you might need. Shop for some delicious nutritional food. Buy some pure fruit juice and spring water to drink throughout the day. Choose some beautiful relaxing music and some aromatherapy oils to burn. Start your day by unplugging the phone and switching off TVs and computers.  

When you spend a day just pampering yourself, you will feel refreshed and invigorated. 


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