Forgive Your Parents

Number of times I've heard people say "If my parents had taught me this, I would've been very successful." Or "If my parents were good looking, I would've been good looking too." Remember, your parents did the best they could. We can only teach and pass on what we already know or have and that's what they did. 

You may have recognized some of your own negative behaviours, thoughts and feelings in your parents. You cannot let go of negativity and replace it with positivity if you are still blaming your parents. Since you're now aware of your negativity, why don't you fix it? Maybe your parents were not aware of this. 

Let go of whatever you think your parents 'did' to you. I repeat, your parents did the best they could. 

Start to forgive your parents and you will start to feel like a new person. Remember, your parents had parents too!  


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A very good message you have given through this blog, THANKS, A LOT!


Chiranjit Paul

Good one, Small but meaningful blog


Madhu Khanna

Very true, most of us blaming our parents. But now I realize my mistake I hope others too. Thank you once again.


Mr. Amit Pandey

many thanx for those who write this nd really ye baat mere dil.ko touch kar gayi really

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