Pebbles of Wisdom

Here are some of the quotes and insights by Sadhguru, a profound modern mystic. 

#Spirituality is not something you do. If you stop all of your nonsense, you are spiritual. Spirituality is ultimate sense.  

#The significance of human nature is that you have the discretion to decide how God should function within you. This is not a small choice, not a small responsibility, not a small honour. Most people are letting this go by, not realising what is being bestowed upon them. 

#There is no such thing as ego; it is empty talk. The nasty part of you, you call it ego. Whenever you get nasty, you don't want to say, "It is me who is nasty." You want to say, "Oh, it is my ego." This is another way of passing the buck. There is no ego. There is just you, and you, and you alone.

#What you need to understand is that every neighbourhood is a possible war zone. If you don't work constantly, incessantly, to creat a peaceful and joyful atmosphere, then every relationship, every home, every neighbourhood, every city, every country, is a possible war zone. 

#Most people are investing their whole lifetime just for their material well-being. Dying to live, this is called. 

#Your one and only problem and the very basis of you misery is that life is not happening the way you think it should happen. 

More will follow...stay blessed...and live well! 


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Tanu Thakur

Great! Thoughts, Thanks once again. "The ego is nothing other than the focus of conscious attention"

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