I can’t blame anyone for my bad luck ?
Hi This is the first time i am admitting it. I am sick of getting abused by my husband.the last time he has done this physically was literally because my 1.5 yrs old daughter was drinking milk from her feeding bottle and the lid collapsed and milk spilled on her face. I was making milk for my elder daughter, myself and my husband when this happened. my husband got so angry on me and started calling me names saying i don’t take proper care of my daughter. he always feels and says that i am inefficient in everything… i feel he doesn’t help out enough in anything…that day when he started abusing me verbally, i also responded verbally and then he again hit me on the face.. so hard i had marks on my face entire night.. and this time he hit me with his slippers! i cannot forget this incident and i m refraining from him now… i feel like leaving him but i cannot as i have 2 daughters and don’t want to break my family.. he has abused and assaulted me physically many a times before and there have been incidents when i have responded alike… but i just want to end this and start again… i know we both love each other but this doesn’t seem the person i loved.. i cannot talk about this to anybody as it was a love marriage n i can’t blame anyone for my bad luck… please guide me if possible…
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