My boyfriend always thinks I m cheating on him ?
Please help. I love my boyfriend very much, we have been together for over a year now and have been living together for 5 months. for our entire relationship he has accused me of cheating on him. he sometimes ask me if I'm cheating on him several times a day. I have been cheated on and know how bad it hurts and I've never cheated on anyone before, I never would. I've tried constantly reassuring him sharing my computer passwords with him and calling and texting him several times a day to tell him much I love him and care about him. Still though he constantly questions me about everything I do from what I eat to how I dress to the music I listen to and who I'm talking to when and what I said. nothing has helped. His constant questioning in last of trust in me makes me cry all the time. he says the fact that I cry and argue with him let him know that I'm cheating on him, I think I'm beginning to give up hope. I'm not a cheater and I'm not a bad person but being treated like one every day is destroying me. What can I do?
Asked about - Anxiety, Sleep & Stress (Psychiatrist )