Odour from the genital area ?
I have been a victim of odour from my crotch area for almost four years now and I have seen many people reacted due to which my life is miserable. What causes these and what are the remedies? I have expressed my situation to many doctors from modern medicine to Ayurveda and tried most of the things. I am a very hygienic person and always showers and changes my undergarments regularly. I found out my situation matched with the olfactory reference syndrome and the odour is coming from genitals but I don't sense it myself and I am very shy to go to public places and meetings where I feel very discomfortable. I don't know if it's an anxiety issue that is caused by this odour problem or the anxiety problem that is causing the order problem, I am trying to avoid social interaction because of this problem because I don't want to be embarrassed and insulted again and again from people talking behind my back. please throw some rays of hope so that I can live a dignified life.
Asked about - Psychological Problem (Psychologist)