Having joints and muscles pain last three months need suggestion for Best treatment ?
I'm having some joints and muscles pain problem almost last 5 months, It was started like that, I have relocated myself from Mumbai to Dehradun in the months of November that time Mumbai weather was 36 Degree Celsius and Dehradun was 15 Degree Celsius, It was stared pain in my knee and after that pain in shoulder than in my right oblique and left ,I met rheumatologist, He told me for some blood test like ESR, CRP, SERUM URIC ACID all were normal in first test but after having medicine one moths my ESR and CRP was increased by ESR-16 (0-15) Biological Value and CRP 5.2 (<5.0 (Negative) Biological Value Than Doctor told me to go for HLA B27 Test It was positive and he gave me medicine :- 1) SALAZAR DS 1000 MG (Sulfasalazine Delayed Release Tablets ) USAGE - (Twice in a day morning and night). COMAPNY-(Zydus Synovia ( A division of Cadila Healthcare Ltd.) 2) NUCOXIA 90 MG ( Etoricoxib Tablets IP) USAGE -(Once in a day in night) COMPANY - (Zydus Healthcares) 3) Medrol (Methylprednisolone)-16 Mg USAGE-One Pill on Saturday Weekly' 4) FOLITRAX 17.5 MG USAGE-One Pill on Saturday Weekly COMPANY - IPCA LABORATORIES Ltd. 5) FOLVITE USAGE-One Pill on Sunday Weekly 6) VITANOVA-D3 1GM (Cholecalciferol Granules ) USAGE- One in a month with milk . COMPNAY- ZUVENTUS HEALTH CARE LTD. I had these medicine for 3 months But there was no relief in my pain. It shifted to my Foot heels and toes and hand palm and fingers, and the pain which, I have experienced in starting shoulder and side oblique and Butts that was gone , Than meet another Rheumatologist in Delhi AIMS than , He told me for test again. I have done my test from SRL Vasant Kunj and that time my ESR-52 ( METHOD : WESTERGREN AUTOMATED) and C-REACTIVE PROTEIN 36.9 METHOD (IMMUNOTURBIDIMETRY ). This result after having three months regular medicine and than Doctor Told me for MRI spine because, He said its Ankylosing Spondylitis but my MRI report was normal and, I have not seen kind of pain in my spine and lower back , He has done addition in medicine:- (1)Folitrax Injection 25Mg in place of oral 12.5 Mg Oral (2) Nucoxia 120Mg Night and morning 60Mg. (3) Calculate Calcium Carbonate & Vitamin D3 Tablet Daily Oral after Dinner (4) Prvenar '13' 9/03/2015 and Pneumovax23 9/5/2015 Even after having these medicine my Foot heel pain toes pain and hand palm and finger pain is remain same . Some time, I feel no pain mostly in Saturday after Medrol 16 Mg and Folitax 25Mg Injection else no relief . Kindly Suggest me best treatment according to my condition and, Please suggest me, Is Ayurvedic and Homeopathic treatment is more fruitful in this condition .
Asked about - Bone & Joint, Arthritis (Orthopedician)