Heart Broken ?
Male, 40, Delhi First of all I would like to give my regards to all www.Merakyahoga.com peoples who are giving their valuable efforts and precious time at here. Regarding my problem if I say, yes! It is about Love, Relations and Profession. From my childhood on every stage of my life I can say a story. It is life and I managed also but couldn’t ignore the marks, which affected my whole life. But now I am on my knees. I fed up with my life. Even I tried to end it also. And it is all after my recent issues. Someone says that “ jab bura waqt ata hai to har taraf se ata hai”, “ Sade sati” and all. Problem started in my professional front, lack of finances simultaneously in family with my wife, Relatives and broken heart by my love, an extra marital affair (I can’t say, it is an mistake, it happens after my all recent circumstances, I may explain, debate). Ok but after all I am ALONE from all, from wife, from Love, from relations and also so much tensed in my job. When I am a mature and experienced guy than I can manage myself in life and I managed also. (from all Trauma like from blood relatives, wife, job and in last love affair), (faced finance problem, divorce, down health, police, betrayal, hatred, ignorance, see of tears, pain, loneliness, a big trauma, etc. etc.) So rather I expect a solution from the experts available at here, I would like to request them to give me an opportunity to serve or give my efforts towards the other people who are rally facing a problem and not able to come out from their trauma. After doing this I could manage myself also to come out from my sorrow and may do some positive in life. It is my child hoods wish also that if I could do something for the society. I can assure that my experience and ability to apply the mind in a particular situation will definitely prove my efforts and able to support all. Best Regards
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