Why am I suffering from itching and skin rashes ?
I have suffering from skin itching, rashes and redness for the last one year. Although the symptoms are allergy like, I've not been able to associate them with any particular trigger. I was on a daily dose of Allegra 180 sometime back but have learn that even an alternate day dose of Allegra 120 works fine. I got some blood tests done. My IgE level was 97.5 iu/ml and routine stool test showed the presence of E. histolytica ova/cyst. I followed a 10 day course of Metrogyl (400 mg) but that brought no respite either during or after the course. What could be the possible cause of my condition? How safe is it to take Allegra in the long term? Also, my wife underwent a miscarriage sometime back. Could that have any connection to my condition?
Asked about - Skin & Hair Problem (Dermatologist/Trichologist)