Malignant growth in the throat ?
One of my friends(male 37 years) was suffering form a throat infection which was causing severe damage to his vocal cord and as a result his voice was becoming hoarse day by day. He was diagnosed with a growth near his vocal cord which was removed surgically about a week back and sent for biopsy and it came out to be a malignant one. After that he was advised PET Scan which he got done and luckily no other area in his body has been found to be affected. Now the doctors have advised Radiation therapy(5 times a week) for 7 weeks continuously and they say that he will be fine after that. Is it true that he will be fine with treatment? Is it going to reoccur at some point in the future. He doesn't drink or smoke and is a pure vegetarian then how come he got cancer? Is it because of the food we eat which is laden with pesticides causing this disease? Please guide as this disease causing a lot of concern for everyone. Thanks!
Jay S
Asked about - Cancer (Oncologist/Oncosurgeon)