Problems Masturbating ?
I'm a straight teenager and i used to masturbate regularly and normally cum, i used to think of girls as just sex objects, but then, about 2 years ago, i had a serious crush on a girl which still lasts. an intense emotional crush, i never really dream of having sex with her but i'd love just to stay with her. now the whole thing is ridiculous. i used to be a turned on pig and after meeting the right one i turned out to be a sweet romantic guy. there's a big problem though, everytime i've tried to masturbate during these last 2 years, i just can't cum. i think it's a psychological issue due to the fact that i feel like i'm disrespecting her by masturbating or thinking of other girls, but i'm kinda scared this could lead me to impotence or something. oh and i'm still a virgin.? I am confused.
Asked about - Sex & Infertility (Reproductive Endocrinologist)