How To I Make My Boobs Bigger Naturally ?
Hi, I'm a 19yr old girl. 5ft 3 and slim. I grew into a bra very quickly when I was just 13, already reaching a B cup. When I was 14 I went up to a C cup. I hated them back then, so I wore extra tight wire, non-padded bras 24/7 to hide them. It felt uncomfortable for a while. I'm still a C cup now. Now that I'm older I wish I was bigger. Could I have stunted my breast growth? They seem a small C cup now... But the shape looks firm, toned and together. They dont sag! If I had stunted my breast growth back then, could they continue to grow if I dont wear a bra and put on weight? Are there exercises to make them grow bigger (palm presses, and pectoral muscle exercises?) Special food? Please thanks
Asked about - Female Issue (Gynaecologist & Obstetrician)