IBS Depression ?
I am suffering from l.B.S for the past eight years and have severe depression for the past ?ve years. I have undergone treatment with more than 15 doctors and all of them have left me by saying it can't be cured you have to live with it. My age is 24 and no(0 friends) social life and no career and no hope. I I stay in myroorn (mostly on bed) everyday. I don't go out of the house for weeks and sometimes months. I am also clinically overweight now. My parents want to help but they don't know how. I started staying in my room intially due to lbs to save myself the embarrassment of going to the loo ten times in front of people and over the years I have also developed social anxiety. There was a time before my illness I had a fully functional social life and a girlfriend and successful career. Everything ruined when I got sick.I have no hope in life and don't know how to live. Can someone out there help me?
Varun Singh
Asked about - Psychological Problem (Psychologist)