I am worried about my husband ?
My husband is 39 years old and for the past 4 years he has become an alcoholic due to a lot of family problems and financial problems. Recently he suffered a seizure and had severe withdrawal symptoms due to non-consumption of alcohol and was hospitalized for nearly 8 days including 2 and half days in the ICU. The treating doctor suggested rehabilitation in a de-addiction centre. But my husband has been disagreeing to it saying he will not drink again. The doctor finally said that he has to feel the urge from within to abstain from alcohol and it will be of no use if we forcefully sends him to a de-addiction centre. In this case please advise what can be done to get him de-addicted as I do not think he will be able to abstain from drinking on his own for a long time. He feels pain in soles of the feet too. Please advise what I should do to help him? My husband refuses to accept that it is a problem and says he can leave it whenever he wants to but has not left it since 2 years. Please guide us.
Swetalina Dash
Asked about - Deaddiction and Rehabilitation (Center)