Swollen turbinate ?
My turbinates are swollen most of the time and it makes it difficult for me to breathe properly .. It is worse at night and it alters from one nostril to other time to time .. I don't have cough or it is rare nor I experience any headache .. Exercise helps to reduce turbinate for temporary time so I perform exercise everyday morning but it comes back during daytime and night .. Otrivin spray helps a lot but as it is not good I use it very rarely .. I use fluticason nasal spray ft but it makes no change ... I eat good and avoid junk foods and I also keep a distance from my allergens .. But the problem is not reducing ... I'm in problem doctor please help me .. Thanx a lot to read this ..
Avisek Agarwal
Asked about - Ear, Nose, Throat (E.N.T Specialist)