Depression ?
I am 28,married working woman,I have been under lot of stress & depression coz of my inlaws ,they try to do their best to piss me off & my husband being the only son doesnt want to leave them,instead he says if u want to go u can,I can't leave him as it doesnt fit in my ethics I have become very weak physicaly & mentally,my body aces & i feel giddy wen I get angry & try to control it ,I feel sucidal as no1 wants to understand what problm I am going through most of people suggest me to leave my husband including my parents but I cant do that as I feel my future is insecure,I am going mad day by day & my husband thinks i do it purposly,I feel sucidal every time he stands against me & supports his parents,plz suggest wat can I do?
Asked about - Anxiety, Sleep & Stress (Psychiatrist )