My stomach makes chronic audible noises what s wrong ?
I have chronic audible noises. All day long. When I eat when I don't eat. There is different sounds, some deep and long, others high pitched and quick. They sound like stuff is moving, like gas or water or maybe the intestines themselves. Sometimes my stomach growls and that is accompanied by pain. I have done all the testings, been scoped, etc. The doctor said I have IBS. But can someone please tell me how I can stop the noise? I have tried gluten and lactose free and I eat very healthy and always work out. What can I do, this is very depressing and I hate being social because of it. I am currently taking digestive healthy gas prevention and it isn't doing much. Pls suggest me Doctor
Sarthak Malhotra
Asked about - Stomach & Intestines (Gastroenterologist )