My wife is fed up of long distance marriage ?
I am a successful businessman married and have two grown up kids. I travel a lot in India as I am starting new businesses in other cities. I spend 5 days of my week in Ahmedabad and the weekend is with my family in Bangalore. This has been going on since over a year now and my wife is fed up. She misses me and hates being all alone every night of the week. But my Bangalore end of the business is progressing smoothly and doesn't require my presence. My Ahmedabad venture is newly started and is really struggling. A lot of money is stuck in the business and I have a lot of loans to repay. I can’t help it but i have to leave my family alone. My wife is always upset and lonely and she is very understanding most of the times. But of late, she has become really upset and cries and fights with me a lot. I don't know what to do. If i could, I would really spend more time with her but I can’t. I can’t even make her come with me to Ahmedabad as we live in a joint family and my parents are very old. She can’t just leave them and stay with me for a long time. Can someone suggest ways I can make her feel less lonely, how can i make this long distance relationship work?
Amit Shah
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