Molestation ?
As a part of a college trip, my classmates and I travelled to a small town. On my way back, I was required to sit next to a 45 year old man on the bus, as there was no other available seat. Despite my uneasiness of the situation, I sat with him. Throughout the night, many a time, I felt his hands on my breast and on my thighs, sometimes his fingers creeping around in between them. I thought that I might have been dreaming as I was drifting in and out of sleep, but unfortunately he kept doing whatever he did despite my protesting. I even cried for help, but my classmates did nothing to get involved, citing the fact that they were "sleeping" and did not hear me. I took the molester to the police station, and due to their incompetence, he got away. In a fit of immaturity, my classmates spread a rumor that I had made up the whole molestation in a bid to get attention. That broke my trust and now am finding it difficult to adjust to college life. People talk behind my back about the situation, and mock me. I really feel heartbroken
Nidhi Sood
Asked about - Child, Male & Female Abuse