Mother in law who has been diagnosed with metestatic brain cancer ?
I am inquiring about my mother-in-law who has been diagnosed with metestatic brain cancer. In March 2014 she was diagnosed with lung cancer. She had half of her right lung removed and then underwent radiation and chemo. The doctors did inform us that there was a chance that it could spread because when they removed part of the lung, some of the cancer cells were left on the lymph node and they were unable to remove that. In October 2014 she started presenting with symptoms that we thought might be a stroke (limited use of her left side, difficulty with speech, and confusion). An MRI showed that she had four brain tumors; two on the left side and two on the right. She immediately began whole brain radiation. A follow-up MRI showed that all of the tumors were shrinking. Approximately two weeks after that MRI, her symptoms came back. Another MRI showed that one of the larger tumors was growing again. She was then treated with stereotactic radiation (early December 2014). Today she had another MRI (January 10) and it showed that the tumors were still growing. She is now going to be treated with hyperfractionation. I researched this treatment and I understand what it is, but I am wondering how effective it is. Also, we are all aware that this doesn't look good. Although I know that every person and their cancer is different, I was wondering roughly how much time we should expect.
Devika Kapoor
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