Need a help
Assalamualaikum.i had filed a case in aimplb at darul qaza sincle from past last 8 months for dissolution of marriage,till yet i didnt get justice.i m suffering from very distress condition.All procedure has been over by them and by me but the qazi was not responding me my family properly.Everytime i go with my mummy he was just giving me date after date and saying wait wait and wait.My husband has stopped sending me and my eight years daughter money from past one year.i m a housewife and everytime i m going to darulqaza perfect time and date given by qazi but then also no justice till yet.please help me and my daughter as we were suffering from a harsh condition.I just need a separation from my husband as he is living his life as well by not sending any money not even responding also.Is a muslim lady dont have the rights to take a divorce from his husband??? Husband has every rights but a lady cant even beg for her rights also ?I just need an help please help me.
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