Family Problem With SIS
Please help with a strange situation, my sister is flirting with two guys in her office, all three are well aware of that their marriage can not be accepted by patients, all of them know we are seeing boys for her marriage,even though they are just in casual relation,it is very disturbing as a brother, I find it somehow seeing her chats n all, I tried to make her understand, it is wrong, even though she is indulging in it, as it is a triangular story, it may dangerous, someone might get violent if they get to know one day,i feel this is ethically ugly, should I go to police, which will gain drag them in police station n all those stuff, shall i go and meet psychiatrist, what should i do. No more I can bring my parents into it as it may lead to the health problem with them. Please help what should i do.
Shubham Jaiswal
Asked about - Personal Issues