Is there any one can explain why is "Tachycardia" is happen ?, and is there any chances heart-attack from it ? I'm Suffering from "Tachycardia" from last 2 years, in every 2-3 months It's happens, My heart starts beating too fast and no reason of it, not after running or lifting something heavy, It's just stars any time in day, mostly when I'm relaxed, sometimes it's too fast that half upper body feels little pain, when i take some deep breath 3 or 4 time it's get normal again, my normal heart beat is 75- 80, but when it's happen, beats goes to 150 above and some time's it's more then 200, in starting I ignored this but last week it was little painful that i'm worried of any serious problem, I told about my beets to my parents, but they don't aware of it so no one knows about this in my family, please tell me if there is any thing to worry about it and proper treatment for this problem.
Shekhar Verma
Asked about - Medical