My husband Violence after drinking almost everyday
Hello, I am married to a engineer and i am also working so we never have a issue related to finance and i stay in a joint family.we had a arrange marriage through a matrimonial site. i got married in November 2013 all was ok till Feb when my husband actually got drunk and started abusing my family members and infact slapped me.I thought its normal to get a slap once if your husband is not in good mood.But then after what i realise is that he often get drunk and use to shout at me like crazy in front of all his family memebers. Now i have a 10 month old sun and i dont want him to see all this abuse.He still get drunk often and do some thing irritating.he dont take me out anywhere but sometimes after drinking back he ask me to sit in the car with my son and he drive so rashly,shout at others be it men or women and i am really not ok with this. there are the nights when i have cried like hell and i wanted to tell all this to my family.But i couldn't.If he is not drunk he is the best husband but he has a high temper issue that i am ok with.Now just want to know what should i do because now i cant bear this drinking violence.And the biggest problem is bearshop is so near to our apartment and everyday he make new friends their to drink with.Please help and suggest me a solution.
Sneha Kumari
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