Suddenly Increased Diet
Hi, I'm of 23 and my weight 61 and height 175 cm. It's started last week, Suddenly I stared feel hungry very frequently, in every hour I have to eat something for releaf of pain of hunger. My diet is increased to with 50% and it was fine till yesterday, In the morning after taking shower I felt very strong hunger pain but its gone after breakfast and then it's started 2 hour before lunch but some how I controlled that, but real problem stared in evening after 5 pm I stared feeling that again, because of that I left office early and you don't believe, I bought somethings to eat in my way to home and ate all of them in all my way even in metro, after dinner it did't stop it's increasing more and more and then when I drank milk, then I got some releaf. and thins morning every thing was fine till I showered, It's stared again, My weight increase just 200 grams and height 3 cm, Is anything wrong happening with me, why I'm getting hungry like this much. Just one thing I have done different with my routeing is I have added curt in my lunch last week, is it because of this. Please tell me if any thing wrong happening with me.
Shekhar Verma
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