Need direction
I have done Commerce UG and Mass Comm in PG. I am all set to begin my career and I have a multiple options that will give me a good start in the field of Mass Comm in a big TV firm but I have never been more lost in my life than I am right now. My Marks are top of the class. My confidence is that of a failure, I wouldn't even fight back if anyone called me a loser because that's how I feel. A doctor did diagnose me with early signs of depression, he wanted me to start with medicine along with other mental exercises but I didn't visit him after that. Ignoring it hasn't helped me however but closer the time comes to make a call, more nervous I am. I don't want to make a wrong decision but don't know whats a right call either. I can't seem to find anyone in my life whom I can confide into and hope for a direction.
Asked about - Career