Domestic Violence
My name is rahul jaiswal and i am persuing B.Tech final yr. from kanpur. My father was passed away when i was 1 yr old. My mother get the job in place of my father as a case of 'mritak aashrit'. And my mother struggle a lot in her sasural besides these she lives for her children i.e. me and me elder sister (she is 4 yr elder). In the yr 2013 my sister got married with a music teacher of navoday vidyalay and this was arranged marriage. My mother spends 10 lakh(6 lakh dowry + other exoences) in my sisters mairrage. And my sis hav two children i.e. one 2 yr old boy and one 2 months girl. Now the problem is seh is suffering from domestic voilence since she was married by all the family member's of her sasural. In early stage it was light but now the situation becomes worst. Her husband bate and abuse her daily. My sister trying to complain in police but every time they refused to write FIR and when she return then her husband beat her again snaches her faceface tear her clother and feel happy the police cannt do anything and also sometimes he beat the childrens. They are reciding in the navoday vidyalaya campus and her other family members i.e. sasur and saas are lives in saharanpur in their home. And when we are complained to him then they simply say I dont know anything and they dont take any action in against of it and even they feel proud to their son for such a nonsence act. Since i am in B.tech final yr and my exams( project + practicals + exams) are on going and i already have a huge tension of all these so i cant do any thing. Sometimes when i getting the news of violence i get much frustation and i call her husband and sasur and absue them for all this Once they record my voice call and blackmail my sister that they were go to the police and file a case against her and my family. My mother is so weak physically and have no capability to fought them for my sister. Police were also not helping. what my sister can do not know. What can i do cant know. Please help us and give your valuable suggession. My sisters address is Navodaya Vidyalay Sirmor Himanchal Pradesh Please help her as soon as possibel She have a 2 month baby and they cant survive even more in such a horrible condition . Please help as soon as possible
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