In search of good life for my sister
Hi, I am Abhishek. I am searching the solution for problem happening with my married sister's life. If anybody can suggest me better solution i will be really grateful. My sister got married 7 year ago she is having lovely 4 yr old daughter . Her husband is having drinking habit. In her family what i have observed is, their was very less communication among family member like her father in law talk very less to her husband, but her father-in-law always use to criticise his husband alot. They are having family business but nobody is taking good care of that business. When my sister asked her father-in-law to look after his business they refused. My sister is not having any freedom nor having good life she is having emotional pressure. Due to this my parents are also not happy and we tried to talk to their family member but got no results. Kinldy suggest....... Regards Abhishek
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