Please please help
Hello there, I am writing to you after getting in deep grievance. My father is an alcoholic person for the last 25 years. We had him treated last year with one of the de addictive centers but he is not willing to drop this habit. We guys are getting daily torture of home violence, he abuses in front of my wife,my brother and my kids. Because of him I have been suffering from severe depression and anxiety. My younger daughter has been operated twice for congenital birth defect and she is 2 years of age. She cannot see this kind of violence on the daily basis. Yesterday, he cracked down lot of things like LCD, table and getting even more abusive. We had to call 100 number and then he got relaxed. After all he is our father we don't want to take harsh steps which is our boundation, however at the same time my family and kids don't want to see all this kind of violence which we have gone through our entire life. I have two daughter's to look after their medical situation and studies. Its like a cycle for him, once he gets cured after getting in hospital for 2-3 months everything goes normal and then starts drinking 24 hours a day, does not go to his job and starts abusive and get physical fights with all of 3 brothers. We don't want to get into any legal complications as we belong to a small village in Delhi and people will start teasing us that this is what you have done to your father . Please help us as we are getting economically weaker day by day with all his money going in getting drinks and ours is going in his treatment and my daughters treatment. We guys are helpless and don't see any solution. Should the entire family will keep on suffering like this throughout our life. Is there a solution for this? Please please please help us as we are in deep pain. 9911198849 is my contact number. Regards Lalit Kumar
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