Need direction
Should i follow my heart or think of my parents respect ?............. iam a 23 years old girl from delhi working as a creative designer. I belong to a conservative Haryanvi Aggarwal family.I have the follwing problems: 1. parents and relatives are forcing me to get marry to guy of their choice, I have a boyfriend, but my family has rejected him on grounds of caste, social status, badnaaami ... 2. I am not allowed to pursue my career. Well educated and qualified members of my family advocates that girls should not do job.they have made me resign from my job forcefully. 3.whenever I try to voice my opinion, my father beats me like hell, call me the most disgraced words. no one in my family my mother , my grandfather stop him or anything. whatever he wants he does. please advice me. what should i do. my boyfriend an I are together for 4 years. he works in an IT company and earns well. he understands me. He ask me to elope from my home and get married. I dont have time left. my parents have made me resign from office and 29 feb is the last day. my phone is wid my parents. I want happiness. I want freedom, I want my career, my choice. please advice. should I run with my boyfriend and start a new life. My parents say they will kill my boyfriend and his famnily. please advice.
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