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Hey all you people out there! I want to ask you guys.. Do you have any suggestions for the people who are stuck in Rohtak? What can they do? They are spending their each and every minute in tension that mobs would come to their place and could do any harm to them or their families. All they can feel is smoke all around. Those bloody mobs are roaming all around without any fear of anyone. They are burning and robbing each n every shops, properties and homes. They are even beating up all people on the roads and burning their vehicles which is seriously not acceptable. There is no one out there to help innocent people of Rohtak. Don't know why government is not taking any action against them.. Military don't have rights to take any actions against those mobs. Whole city has been destroyed and robbed. Still those mobs are dancing and trying to target new locations to be robbed. How can we contribute and what we can do to save Rohtak city? They really need our help. We can't just keep sitting like this to see them getting killed and robbed by these bloody mobs.. People don't have any equipment with them to save themselves. Everyone is expecting help from the government or from someone who can really come and help them up....!! Please suggest your ideas.. Your one idea can save their lives!! Come forward and help them whichever way we can...
Vidit Gandhi
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