Domestic crime and criminals
Hi Myself Hemant sahu I am from delhi I have an one year older sister then me she got married to a guy that was arrange marriage . she has two lovely kids one girl 4 years old and a young boy 2 years old her husband is working in merchant navy First year of marriage was good but later on things changed . he was good with everyone. As much I know that guy he is phyco I remember he used to watch a serial Dexter in which he used to watch a guy who used to kill people and hide the crime like a perfect crime and he is very influenced by that character I am sorry I am writing too much but trust me its not enough I am helpless Maybe my sisters daughter will explain you better how that monster almost killed my sister she is in hospital right now She was crying n he was beating her in front of his mom dad sisters brother in law and then finally came to drop her back to my place with her belongings my mom was alone at that time and I am not in India from last month as I am a pilot and came Tunisia [Africa} for my training her husband and his brother in law came to my place after beating my sister n then threated my mom abused her I had no options left here all I can do I call from here and that I tried that criminal is still roaming around he is not in his senses and can go to any level my parents later filled police case everywhere possible I love my sister more then anything cant see a single tear out her face n from past couple of days all I see is scars on her face her back with blue marks he literally banged his legs to her shoulder and that’s what my 4 year old niece told me That’s all I wanted to share Thank you Please save my nanhi chiriya
Hemant Sahu
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