Want Justice
Hi, I am 27 yrs old. Got married with my boyfriend with clear permission from both families. But my husband's family demanded so many things in sugarcoated languages and terms. My parents did everything which was possible for them to fulfill all those things. Before proposing for marriage, i cleared all my family's financial condition to them n ask if they are not fine with it then we wont take our relationship for long. They accepted all things and showed support to us. I had gone through so many things before marriage as my inlaws forced my husband to do that. We had fights and clashes in our relation because of money and financial condition which was fine for them few days ago. My husband was helpless at that time coz he lost his job. Still i kept faith on our relation and we got married. After marriage i lost my job due to sudden illness of mother inlaw as i exceeded my leaves. They forced me to find job nearby home but i didn't got any. Then they started to gave me stale food to eat. I bore this for 2 months. After that my health got affected. After some days i noticed that my father inlaw have some bad thoughts in his mind about me. And the situation was pathetic to live there. Still i kept hopes. I gave hint about it to my husband but he didnt react on it. My health was not good from july onwards. I was facing health issues in every 2 to 3 days till Dec. When i told my husband that i will tell everything to my parents and lodge complaint against them, he got ready to take room on rent. Actually he was thinking about me. He did things for me. But he was not able to take strong stand against his family. When we started to looking for rented home, his father divert him to the business and told him he will finance him. Suddenly my husband's behavior changed for me. He started with quarreling, beating me. We relocated to rented place. Then his family started to teach him against me. His parents sister her husband.. everyone.. they did so many things to torture me. They taunt me. His mother used to call me veshya. They spread bad things about me among their relatives. That really broke me down. My husband started my psychiatric treatment by calling me empty head when i complained about all the physical and mental torture i faced. They forced me to attempt suicide. He beat me so badly on that and called my father n without talking with him he put his phone on and beat me again. My father heard it and called back and abuse him verbally. Then my husband ran away to police station on his father's call. N my father got call from police station. He came, took me to the police station and then bring me back to home. My husband beat me so badly my earing get pierced in skin behind ear. It was bleeding. I was not able to eat anything for next 4 to 5 days. After getting proper treatment i tried to go back to my home but my husband left that place and changed lock. I asked for keys as my medical papers n all luggage was there, his father abused me verbally and told me not to come here again otherwise he will kill me. From nov onwards i am living with my parents. I want to save my marriage. My husband not giving any response. He is blaming me for stealing gold. I dont have any gold from his side not even my mangalsutra with me. He is trying to prove me psychic as his family forcing him to do so. What should i do? Plz suggest. They are bribing money everywhere, in police station, in woman supportive NGO where i appealed for justice. Plz guide me.
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