Allergic Bronchitis
Hello, From more than a year, i have been suffering from persistent cough. My doctor diagnosed it as Allergic Bronchitis and suggested me to take LMontus AB tablets everyday for couple of weeks. I did so and my cough vanished. After couple of day, i again got these bouts of cough, So i continued taking the medicines, I consulted another doctor and even he diagnosed it to be Allergic Bronchitis and gave medicines. He also hinted that i might have to take medicines all my life to control. The problem now is, its been an year now and unless i take these tablets, i keep getting cough. The day i miss this tablet, i get continuous cough with lot of Sputum. What should i do next. I am fed up taking this tablet everyday. Is it okay to take LMontus AB all my life. Will be there any serious side effects in future?
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