Please help Short tempered husband beats me badly
Hi All, I am a software professional, married (arrange) to Software professional of some very big company,earning a lot more than me. My husband has anger problem, and also he is addicted to masturbation. He usually do it after I go to my office,I ignore it . Yesterday, we both were home,had sex two times, then He told me to go and cook , so that he can watch porn alone, I got upset and told him that even after having sex 2 times, U need that. he told then whats wrong in that, he went to other room and locked from inside and started watching porn,I got angry I switched off WIFI, We argued, He beat me a lot, even Now my whole body is paining. I am smart ,good looking and nice,I know I deserve better than this. I talked to my parents ,his parents in past ,when he beat me for other reasons. I just want to disappear from this world. Just want to share he is loving and caring husband , when He is not angry, but I am scared he beats me badly, he may kill me some day. Please help me. :(
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