Marriage problems
Hello Myself Shahla Assadi married 2013 now separate from last 1 year from my husband 27th dec 2015 I completed my 1 year of separation ....plz help me .......My husband is well educated man but even thoy after marriage I learned many things about him .....he hve many bad habits like he is alcoholic....occasionally he take drugs......he cansanova.......he hve many affairs with other girls.....he go to sex workers & dance bar.......he took me completely granted after marriage he ignored me been newly married couple he used to go every night out come home back late night by 1.00 & 2.00 am leaving me new bride alone at home .....every weekend full night out coming back home early morning drunk .....going out with friends for shopping, dinning , spa, holidays leaving me alone if I question anything he used to do domestic violence......In first 1 year he made my life like hell he is not at all concerned about his wife if I say about him to my in law they all just abuse me by saying that he is man ....all man are like this .....he will live his life the way he want ......you are a female so keep yur self quiet don't raise yur voice other wise it will be harmful for u they always torture me for dowry as they are from Chennai always used to say kuch bhi nahi la ee say yur mum to give 50 lakh for my son u r so lucky u got him otherwise he was hvg crore pati girls proposal ......I suffered lots of domestic violence, abuses, cruelty, mental torture & many more things .......more over pain & suffering after my abortion which my husband forced me to do becz according him he can't take responsibility of a child as he is young to be father.... last dec with had a huge lot arguments , fight , abuses with my in law my husband elder brother said me to leave his house it means in house where we were living in joint family was his elder bro house ....he said in front of my husband ....when my husband said I will leave this house than his elder brother is telling my husband why are you leaving this house this is yur bro house you are my younger brother you can live in my house so it means I should leave this house my husband give me my passport to leave house not even bothered about me as we were living in Dubai.... forcely i have to leave my husband & live separate in Mumbai at my parents place.. .now from 1 year my husband not at all bothered for me nor he is providing me any maintenance. ....I m living with my mum who is widow , from last 1 year my mum as a single parent taking care of me .... after abortion I completely lost my health becz there was no proper care & bedrest infact my husband did domestic violence I m still suffering health issues after abortion, I m still scare of all the things I suffered .....I requested my husband on what's app many time to take separate apartment so we can start our life again after so much suffering I beared becz of cruelty from my in laws & domestic violence from husband I still try to patch up but it seems my husband is not interested he busy enjoying his life he own business he is financially sound to tk separate apartment but I think he not interested in me & our marriage .....now i m so helpless i m not able to understand what to do .....my career got spoil completely .....I m still hvg back pain & leg pain prob after abortion. ....after all this suffering I m still scare to go out in crowd or talk with any one ......plz help me .....I don't hve any help & support .....plz help me I m tired of suffering. ...I don't knw what to do .....I m here still suffering , my life got completely destroyed but husband is not bothered he still living peacefully in Dubai enjoying his life .....plz help me .....I don't knw what I do .....I lost my every thing even my first baby for this marriage.....I tried for job in Mumbai but I am not getting job becz of my health & Stress I m unable to get any job .....I don't knw how should I live my life now ......my in laws are taking advantage of my family as there is no one to talk my mum is widow & she is not keeping good in health .....my younger bro is married recently so no one is there to help me .......from one year all are quiet no one is solving my problem plz help me ..... Many Thanks Shahla Assadi
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