Mental abused
I am so bloked, cant think of any thing at this stage, no career no personal life all because of my mother and father, they had there personal problms since ever,they fight and they fight always and at this stage they dont stay together but stil strings are attached and they just cant let go of issues to fight on, nd tht is making my life miserable, they dnt even think abt me my life or anythng in fornt of thr persnal fights nd quarrel, where my mom is gone totaly extreemly abusive towrds me and fatger and 24/7 she keeps on sayng worst things , i feel soo sooo soo frustrated suimtes tht i feel like i shud end my life, bt then again i am so sure even if i die my mother and father wil fight frst tht i did tht v=cz u u, nd may b later they wud cry on my death bed, so thts hw serious it is, i left my job at mumbaoi i came bak to luve wit my mom thinkng she is alone nd i shud b thr wit her, bt she makes it imposoble fr me to stay, i hv no work to do here, al she says start sum busines nd abuse me, i hv no such skils for busines , i hv done jounlism and a hardcore media filed, hv no such scope in my native fr it, thus m sittng ideal, and 24/7 al i hear is abuse and fioghts, wht to do ? i hv no clue? /;9'
Prateek Singh
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