Is peace so hard to find
I have wondered about this all my life. My biological parents left me with my grandparents a little after my birth because i am girl child. I never and still dont complain because there is no point wasting my time and energy over ppl who dont appreciate for who u r. I strived hard to earn a degree in Chem engg from NIT,W and then MBA from IIM calcutta and was settled as a highly sought out business analyst when I was married to a man in US who very convincingly deceived everyone about his nature. There was alot of sexual assualt, marital rape involved emotional harrassment and humiliation for dowry in that marriage. After 41/2 yrs when he tried to molest my 14 month boy i could not no longer accept that marriage. I came back to India file for a divorce in oct 2014. He visited us 3 months later to tell that he will sign the divorce and very dramatically took photos of his son as last remembrance. After returning to US; filed a case against me for child abduction. In India, his father attends the court's hearings to evade the divorce in the name of reconciliation and in US he cunningly got an ex-parte order that I abducted his child and am a fugitive now. Now, his version is if want ur kid then keep your mouth shut and come live in my house. I really dont understand where this country is going to and why resort to blackmail like this just to satisfy that male ego?
Pooja Peetha
Asked about - Legal