Harasment by in laws
My inlaws have been harasing me since 2-3 months of marriage. I am working and have a 11 month old baby boy. Kindly consider following points: - My mother in law sent two plumbers inside my rum post baby delivery when a maalishwali was doing her job. On telling my husband, he replied, tujhe chaunk pe toh khara ni kia na 2 log hi the galati se aa gaye hoenge. He later on repented that he used such words in anger. - My in laws have defaulted on credit card payment and i received calls from credit card companies for recovery. When one recovery agent visited our home, I was put to forefront to deal with him. - My daughter in law has extra marital affair. She must have taken money from her boy friend. When he asked for return, I do not know how but he contacted me to recover his money . - My in laws do not provide me any money for my n my baby's expenses. I am residing at my parent's home since last 2 months +. I do not need a divorce but, just wish that if police men or any other government official can intervene and tell these people not to disturb me in future. What can I do please advice.
Avneet Kaur
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