Mentally Harassment
Hello Sir/Madam, My name is sandeep and i'm 25 years old. I have my personal problem actually it's a my whole family problem. we (our family) harassed and tortured by our neighbors through verbally and mentally. They abused every time when our family members comes face to face. We have combined family with three parents and there kids. We are all 6 brothers and 5 sisters in our family. I am the elder one after my eldest sister (married). The result of their torture is that currently my father suffering from mentally disorder. I don't want any other family members go on the same way. Sometime their harassment hit us to be a hunter or murdered them but i personally didn't let anyone to spoil my younger's future career. Please can some help me on that how we survived from them. any legally advice will be useful for us? as i thought. Please help me and my family through your suggestions and thoughts.
Sandeep Singh
Asked about - Legal