Sister in trouble
My sister got married in 2013. The guy is Manager in some company and his father is retired Colonel - Indian Army and now a lawyer in High Court . Few months after marriage my sister found some paper according to which he was a divorced by his ex and the reason was his mother . This lady is 65 + and creates a drama like hell. Now she is asking his son (who is totally a mumma's boy ) to leave her as well or she will transfer all her belongings(property n stuff ) to her daughter who is married to a Doctor and disown him like anything . His father doesn't lives with the family and her daughter keeps on calling(at her home) her once in a month and whenever she stays with her daughter the same drama shows up. This tym she went her daughter's home and nd asked her son on phone to throw his wife out of her house or she is neva coming back because her (mother in law's ) life is in danger. The environment is tensed and we are feeling helpless. Its her daughter and son in law who are playing however they never visit but control the situations on phone. They made mah sister stand out of their house 10 pm at night. We can file a divorce n stuff but it will not solve the problem because she has plan to remarry her son to some orphan and spoil a life again. We want to teach them a lesson that so that they cannot spoil life of somebody like anything ... they say nobody can touch them and they can throw both of my jeeju n sister whenever they want and on this mah jeeju says plzz go to your father home and Please suggest ! Regards :)
Rahul Singh
Asked about - Matrimonial