Alcoholic father domestic violence
Me and my brother live outside India. My father is an alcoholic and takes a lot of medicines (sleeping pills and pain killers) without any prescriptions. He takes both twice a day and because of this he is not sober most part of the day. When I left India 5 years ago, the situation was not so bad and we thought because of the growing age it might reduce. He is 61 and the situation has gone from bad to worse. My old mother is suffering a lot because of this. Domestic violence is not physical but mental and verbal. When he is drunk, he speaks abusive language and curses my mother. She cannot do anything without him interfering. He is a real trouble maker sometimes. When they are with us outside India, he doesn't drink but takes medicines as usual or more. My mother is 55 and she is helpless in this situation. I have asked him to come with me to some alcoholic rehab's, but he is not interested in going and he doesn't want to change. I am really not sure what I am supposed to do. I have thought of registering a case against him but not sure how it will turn out. Also, I need to know what can I do to these people who are providing him these medicines without prescription. I am looking for a solution or some advice. Please help! Thanks in advance.
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