Boy parents against to our marriage because of inter caste
Hi Guys, I am losing hope.. my boyfriend stopped talking to me, I don't know how to get contact him. I have tried through his colleagues but no use. All he is saying is "I cannot go against to them". This one word making me to freak out. Can anyone please suggest me to what to do on this situation. How to convince his parents. First of all he is not allowing me to talk to them, he says "if you talk to them I will die. " His parents live in village, they never understand what we are going through. They making our lives hell. He is not in a situation to listen not even let others to speak, being stubborn. If I want to go against to his will and take any legal action on his family , I am thinking that that would cause problem in our future life. Please could anyone suggest me how to handle this situation.
Uma Maheswari
Asked about - Matrimonial