Sir i want to discus my matrmonial mater as my huband is cheating me from last eight years he abused me mentally harrasement and destroyed my life and i am having one daugter he has never look after her all the expenses of my daughter and of myself have manged by my own, demanded for the dahej and always use to make the trips of foreigns and of here also in india and whenever i asked him for the money he alwys use to tell i dont have the money and always use to come late night at home and also beaten me and the shocking ones was from last 4 years he was having the affair with my elder brothers wife distract her mind also and my my brother having 2 kids spoiling there life as my brothers wife left the home she use to come and meet the kids and go as she living with their parents having the fight with my brother till now and its all happend just because of my husband and now it has came to know that he is making another marriage in this month and few days we have done a long discuss with him by my family that time he told us that i will not do all dis making us satisfy and in my absence again he making of the same thing marriage spoilig anothers life sir i need ur help as fast as possile as he already spoiled my life my brothers and his wife as he is planning for th marriage in ths month only as he is having one daughter not bothering of her also, as i cant go dder he can do anything with me we need to take the action by stopping them for making of another marraige, sir i and my daugter need the justice right i am staying with my parents in mumbai as they are also tenshan with all dis mater wht to do now if we do the case as u know how much time it wil take
Nafisa Mom
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