Help for sister
Hi, I stay overseas, but am complaining on behalf of my elder sister. She has been married for almost 23yrs, has 4 children : 3 adults and 1 younger. She has been suffering physical and mental abuse from day one of her marriage, but till date is afraid to take any action. she was under such pressure that she used to abuse parents over the phone, and her husband did too many times. But we knew the circumstances my sister was staying him. Now since she has the support of her kids, she would like a divorce under condition that her husband gives her a house to stay and money for the kids. But her husband is not ready, he is trying to tell everyone that she is characterless and he can prove that in the court with some faulty photos, thus he won't have to give her anything. He wants her to sign the papers without giving her anything and any condition. She doesn't want to go to the police as her husband is wealthy and that they would give money right and left to hamper the case. So she is in mental trauma at this stage, can you please suggest something. Thankyou
Asked about - Matrimonial