Brother in law taking advantage
I have a situation for which i can't seek suggestions openly so posting it here, please try to help me. I am a housewife, 26 years old living in a joint family with my husband's parents and his 2 younger brothers aged 20 and 23 and my small daughter. We are quite a happy and fun loving family. My problem started with some observations by one of my friends from my society. She mentioned to me that my husband's younger brother tries to touch me excessively and in appropriate areas. Now before anyone jumps to any conclusion, let me explain things a bit, I dress in sarees at home due to conservative family and with saree a bit of stomach and back is visible, now my husband's brothers sometimes put an arm around my waist or on my back while talking to me or they'll tease me or tickle me or simply touch my waist. I am quite ok with it as i consider them as my own brother and believe there are no bad intentions behind it. All this casual activity happens in front of family members and I have seen them doing the same with my mother in law as well. When my friend told me about this I told her the same to not worry about this, but she said that such situation might become bigger problems later on. Another incident happened during the holi festival, when one aunt of my husband also came, so all the ladies and gents were colored and my friend saw from her house, my brother in laws coloring me by putting their hands on my back, neck and stomach and she again raised the topic, however since i was there i knew all ladies were colored like that only, which is also quite common. Of late, I have started to think is it really something wrong, what i am doing, or on the pretext of being casual some advantage is being taken of me. Has anyone else has been in a similar situation, please adviser
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